27 years old
Christian. I have attended the same church since I was 5 years old. I have met some of my very best friends there and even my husband.
Born & Raised in Greensburg Pa
Now living in Latrobe Pa.
Married to Josh Reed
Owns 3 small dogs (who’s combined weight is approx. 25lbs)

LOVES loves LOVES the beach & her THREE adorable nephews and niece.
 Her nephews just happen to live in Hilton Head, SC. So trips are often made to see my favorite little guys at my favorite place, the beach!
Absolutely adores photographing your newborns and small children.
Although newborn photography is my main passion, I cannot give up weddings. Meeting new couples and capturing their big day is such an awesome experience.
Soooooo THANKFUL for my new and returning clients! I couldn’t do this without you.