Newborn photographs are some of the most precious photos I have ever captured. The soft, gentle, sleepy, innocence of a child only a few days old is something that can never be replaced. This time passes by so fast it is unbelievable. Within ten days they are no longer a newborn, they are bigger, stronger, and their features are changing.

Newborn sessions are best in studio where I can control the environment (warm temperatures & soothing music) and have access to a ton of props (blankets, wraps, accessories, etc) in order to capture a photograph that will last a lifetime. Although, I have traveled into homes for these special lifestyle session when requested. These sessions will have very little props or posing. The newborn will be photographed in their new environment.

Keep in mind these sessions can run anywhere from one to three hours depending on how the newborn reacts. Patience is definitely required when photographing newborns. You’re working on their time schedule. They may need to break for a feeding or diaper change, but with patience the end result will be fabulous.