Hello 2013!

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▪ ▪ WHERE TO BEGIN?!?! ▪ ▪

HELLO! So many changes have taken place this year it is unbelievable. So I will start at the very beginning. At the very beginning of 2013, I became a fulltime photographer. This was something I had dreamed of for almost 2 years, but never felt it was the right time.
There was so many fears (mainly, giving up my fulltime job with a secure income and health benefits). Yet, the timing was right – my husband, Josh, had just secured a fulltime job with great benefits and secure income.
So suddenly I was on the fast track (and I would be lying if I didnt admit to being a little intimidated). We finished part of our basement and built an inhome studio in ten days, I ordered new business cards (because frankly my old ones didnt scream “fulltime professional photographer”), I started collecting props and banners, advertising my business, and finally… started building my webpage.
I had purchased my webdomain in March of 2012, but left it blank with a simple “coming soon” banner. Finally, 10 months later I had the time and motivation to focus and create my ideal website. Although it is a work in progress, I am happy with the way it turned out.


At the very beginning of my studio build, I decided to offer a discounted price on my facebook page in hopes to draw some clients into my new studio. It didn’t take long to receive an email from a mother whose son’s second birthday was approaching in two weeks.
So with that deadline set I spent my days and most of my nights (stopping around 1am for 6 or so hours of sleep) spackling, sanding, painting, and cleaning – then repeat. Ten days later at 1am, I was finished and it was time to clean the studio and rearrange and organize props because I had an appointment with a two year old and his brother in a few hours.
It isn’t the most glorious studio but it is perfect for me. A small space to capture moments in time and to create photographs that last a lifetime. I didnt want anything over the top and fantasy because I still wanted to do “out of the studio” photoshoots and weddings as well. Yet, I needed a space for portraits, cake smashes, and my sweet newborns. This space is perfect and I am truly thankful to everyone who pitched in and help. My husband, our parents, and friends did an amazing job and I am so thankful for all of them.

So far I have had 3 visitors in the studio (Luke, Megan, & Kaitlyn) for their birthdays. It has been so much fun building new backdrops and creating new banners themed around their photoshoots.
In the next two weeks I have eight in studio sessions booked alone (one newborn, six easter sessions, and one bday cake smash) and I cannot be more excited! I still have plenty of spots open for our upcoming Easter Mini’s with LIVE Baby Chicks!
Thank you to everyone who has supported me through this process and booked sessions in our new studio – I couldn’t have done this without you! I cannot wait to share previews of all the upcoming sessions on the blog and facebook. STAY TUNED!

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