Dempsey Farms

Little Strawberry Farmers

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In the middle of April, I took ten days off to visit my two favorite little boys in the whole world! My nephews Grasyn & Brayden! They live in the very south of South Carolina & it is a long eleven hour car ride. It been hard seeing them grow up through photographs, phone & Skype calls, and occasional visits, but it makes me appreciate the photographs even more.

While we were there it just so happened that Strawberries were in season. So while Mommy was at work Favorite Auntie (yeah… that’s me!) and Grandma dressed the boys up in their overalls, loaded them in the van then off we went to the Strawberry farm!

Brayden probably ate a dozen strawberries while we were there… and maybe a handful or two of dirt! LOL. he was one messy boy!

No shoes, no shirt, no problem!

Grasyn only held the strawberries and occasionally helped feed them to his baby bro. Awe, how sweet.

Towards the end they finally stopping running for a few minutes and sat down for a photo. I would say they had a ton of fun.

I cannot wait to see my boys again. They are getting so big! It has been two long months so far and luckily I only have to wait three more weeks! Unfortunately, by the time I see them again my little Gray-Goose will already been three years old!!! *clue the tears* Where does the time go?

Soon, I will share our awesome “cowboy” themed photoshoot & I am sure their will be plenty of pictures taken during their visit in July. I sure hope you guys don’t mind looking at tons of pictures of my nephews… it helps that they are adorable riggghhhhht?


Oh & what did we do with all those strawberries we pick? Strawberry Pie & Strawberry Jelly! Mmmmm.
Captured: April 17th, 2013
Location: Dempsey Farms St. Helena Island, SC