The Studio

Welcome to the studio… 
Located conveniently, minutes from downtown Latrobe, the small in home studio is prefect for photographing small children and newborns.

A total of 5 different backdrop areas have been built and painted throughout the area, to offer plenty of variety.

Lit with natural light, in late morning and early afternoon, most sessions are scheduled according to the best lighting possible. With extra studio lights on hand, to help out for an additional back lighting on overcast days.

Also a small sitting area is available for parents and guests.

In addition to my camera, I keep a few other essentials close by – especially when photographing those delicate newborns. Hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes. A step stool. A small heater. & a radio for smoothing white noise.

Close to the basket of essentials, you’ll find baskets of wraps and towels for posing newborns. Along with a variety of accessories – such as bonnets, pant sets, and headbands. I also have a cabinet full of different blankets and backdrops to add texture and variety to each photograph.

Right outside of the studio, there is additional storage for baskets, crates, wagon, mirrors, chairs and all my favorite antique store finds. You may also find some legos and toy trucks to keep our little friends entertained during the moments when they may need a small break.

This space may look un-finished or “un-polished” but it is has been designed and transformed into an area that is perfect for me and my creative process. Allowing me to capture a moment in time to deliver to my clients, in hopes they will treasure it for a lifetime.